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  • Hello Toothy! I heard about you and I need some help. It keeps saying "A Fatal Error occurred this Connection is Terminated." I do have mods, 52 of them including the forge starter mods. I'm Running Version 1.7.10 and I need help with running Minecraft. Thank you.

  • another question on the applied energetics 2 not working with aternos again apparently it seems to crash when aternos tries to boot it up i have a feeling the aternos severs dont like applied energetics 2 i even used a more recent version of forge for it so now im gonna try a previous version of appiled energetics 2 to see if it works.

    • NVM im just gonna mess with the dimension id on it casue usually thats the main problem

  • Welcome back!

  • Hello, I was trying to install a mod but I searched for it and could not find it in the aternos mod area. When I went to suggest it, it said it was already there.


  • Hey Toothy you are a helper right how do u make a forum I want to share a server I made.


  • :aternos: Helper :D

  • you are a very good helper :) :aternos: :)

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    • Are you sure?

      He has been really mean to me and other people too.

      For example, I asked about something and he said a no is a no and Aternos won't be doing it and stuff and another guy was wondering if they could forgive him for keeping bots in the server and unban him which he answered "NO!"

      Like literally. I now always think that if argue with an Aternos team member they will be mean just because of Toothy.

    • Oh nevermind it was Josh who said no is a no but Toothy still did say a straight no to a customer.

    • I said "No." because thats all that's needed. Please don't twist my words and write bs on my wall, thanks

      Josh doesn't yell at people like that either, unless in very rare and understandable circumstances.

      so please dont thanks

    • I'm pretty sure about it :)

  • Hi Toothy :)

  • hi toothy

  • Hey ya Tooty its me Mak:)

  • linda foto de perfil XD

  • Merry Christmas, Toothy!

  • we are nerds here

  • gamer moment

  • HI

  • oh i noticed you moved my sever location to the server list. my apologizes. i thought i had it in the right location i apparently was wrong. thank you for correcting that :)

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  • Matthias > Roman

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    • User "Mc88Donalds | Julian" was permanently terminated

    • WHAT!

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