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  • This time though Paul concentrated not on her vulva as she expected but he teased the tight little rosebud of her anus with the tip of his finger She stiffened in horror when his intention dawned on her but, as the massage continued, she began to enjoy it. Feeling her relax, Paul gently pressed his thumb against her sphincter while continuing to massage around the opening with his other hand. Eventually, the ring of muscle relaxed slightly and his thumb slipped further in. She wriggled her hips as the pleasure increased and he added another finger to enlarge and stretch the opening. When she was clearly enjoying the new sensation he suddenly stopped Disappointed and wondering what was happening she glanced between her legs to see him anointing his rigid tool with copious coconut oil. She closed her eyes as she felt the tip of his cock probing her rear opening. He took it very slowly and she felt no pain as he pushed slowly and gently to invade her rear.