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  • Maddie, I have told you countless times to stop advertising the server as 100% survival. I was one of the first staff on your server and it was definitely NOT 100% survival. I understand it is a new season but when I try to reason with you, you just ignore me. I have already told you that it is not 100% survival and you said, "Well it can't be 100% survival" which is my exact point. I have never had to go this far to tell someone to stop but I am very angry you chose to continue advertising your server every day after you shut it down for months because "new players stressed you out." Please stop lying and if you would like to play her server, just know it is NOT 100% survival and there is a large chance they will reset the entire thing. Just like they have 2 TIMES ALREADY.

    • The reason I can not go on the server anymore is because you ask me why I am mad after you banned me when I said dragon eggs from creative is still cheats, I say you never addressed the situation and don't listen to what I am trying to say, and all you do is say, "new season, new rules." If you ask me why I am mad then please expect something that obviously already happened. I cannot be mad about something from the future. I am disappointed that you are still advertising and ignoring everything I say. I am trying not to get mad but it is impossible when you never try to look at it from a new players point of view. The server is not "always online" and even your staff agreed with me that staff being able to fly is too far. As I have said, I know you have changed but you never listen so don't expect to be able to get the same players after you shut it down for so long. Your staff has already informed me that she is now the new owner because she knows how irritating it is. 4 people who were on almost every time it was open have already quit due to the inactivity. Please STOP advertising your server, or at least make it truthful.

    • You report me for "spam" when I say three things in chat that are capitalized but you have 59 posts about the server you claim is 100% survival when you've proved that it isn't? All the way to when I first joined and you said you built the spawn in survival later claiming you got shulkers from creative? I didn't want to come off as "rude" to you, but when I try to find a server that actually is survival, it annoys me to think you are actually getting people who are being tricked and will most likely quit a couple months later once all their work is reset. All of the people who were at the server countlessly before agree with me and when I try to say everything in a polite manner, you just say I am being childish over something you were wrong about and never addressed? It being 4 months ago does not make you right. If I do a crime 4 months ago and never go to jail does it still matter? Yes. This is why I can't argue with you. Because you will never see it from a player's perspective even if you say you are and you never listen. One of your staff even said that they are the new server owner when I said I was done with the server because of you. You say that I'm mad about something that was someone else's idea? Well you're the owner! You should be able to say no. I am more mad that you are falsely advertising it. You will say things you don't own up to. Maybe that's why 4 people left the server. One person in particular is extremely mad.

    • One of your staff came on my server (DaEpikGamerz.aternos.me) and when I asked why they were there they said that it was so hard to play with me 😂 I said you can play I just thought it was a little weird since you basically hate us. Then she called me a child and left 🤣

  • my discord I want to talk to you HustusFTW#9657


  • hi can we play please

  • can u open the server C:

  • could you unban me

  • Did you make cracked becuase i cant join if you made i dont know why i cant join

    • if i make it cracked everyones a steve and alex skin, and everyone looses their stuff so i can't make it cracked.

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  • can you allow cracker players please..?

  • add imyby

    • its online, its also not a whitelist server!

    • i'm on cracked version so i can't join only if you let me ( make it cracked )

    • if i make it cracked everyones a steve and alex skin, and everyone looses their stuff so i can't make it cracked.

    • Ok sorry to annoy you

  • Can u open ur server?