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  • Reese had felt a little flustered whenever the pretty, older waitress came around and witnessed the intimate bromance, but when they were alone he relished the moment. Who wouldn't love being worshipped until completely flushed by their objectively gorgeous best friend. When the thought came that he might have a crush on Skylar, he gently pushed it aside into the portion of his brain labeled 'preposterous', blaming his slight erection on Belle, their 40-something year old pretty server seriesidor for vuxna

    After Skylar drank all his drinks he was pretty drunk, and needed to "just rest for a bit," leaning against Reese's side. Reese put his arm around his friend to keep him secured and comfy against his chest. Losing the fight with his own muscle memory several times, Reese would find himself gently caressing Skylar's bare arm, up underneath the sleeve of his Polo shirt and back down to the elbow. And after Skylar murmured, "that feels good," in the cutest little lazy kitten voice imaginable, he surrendered to his harmless little habit. Reese was a pretty secure guy.

    When the waitress came with the check, she watched with the most voluminous smile as Reese slowly reached for the wallet in his back pocket while trying not to disturb Skylar. Reese blushed when Skylar absently wrapped his arms around his waist. "You two are such a cute couple," Belle gushed in a hushed tone. Reese smiled and thanked her, not bothering with a denial. What could he say, he liked compliments. And he was a pretty secure guy. "Cute, cute cayoot," the server was mumbling to herself and shaking her head as she walked away, her system apparently overloaded on cuteness.

    Reese helped his best friend into the car, buckled him in and drove him home. Skylar wasn't completely passed out, but Reese figured it would be quicker to simply carry the smaller boy up to bed than to be used like a crutch. Reese scooped him right out of the car and cradled him in his strong arms. Skylar put his arms around the stronger man's muscular shoulders, was carried to his bed and deposited gently on top of the covers free adult cam

    Reese removed Skylar's shoes for him, then his socks, then stood back and looked at the picture - the boy in his bed fully clothed in a tight baby blue Polo top and dark denim skinny jeans. He looked absolutely helpless and atrociously cute - so much so that Reese had to convince himself of a pure motive for doing what he was definitely about to do for one reason or the other.

    He looks uncomfortable. Surely he's hot and sweaty. It's not like I want to see him undressed! Reese assured himself as he started on the three little buttons on Skylar's Polo, then lifted it up his cobblestone abs, and over his head, baring all his hard little chest. I mean, I'm secure enough to admit he's gorgeous without his clothes on, but that's not why I'm doing this. He really needs me right now, he said internally, his fingers becoming inexplicably clumsily as he unbuttoned his friend's jeans, revealing a small, triangular portion of his clean, pastel purple undies.