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  • Hi Traitor. I Feel Like Exposing You. That You Are Toxic. And A Hacker And Said I Am A Fucker. I DONT CARE THO. but I WANNA EXPOSE

    • expose me? do you think that i am the only hacker around here? your server is just fucking dogshit and i felt like griefing it. sure, expose me, i don't care, no one cares at all. you're probably still 9, telling by your grammar and angry caps lock i am literally a no one so who cares

    • LOL DIDNT CARED. your just a hacker lol u are a kid cuz ur so angry that u swear LOL

      hackers suck normal players op

    • learn some english before you go on the internet, buckaroo. didnt care* and jus tbecause i am a hacker doesnt mean anything at all. why dont you pick fights with other people on this platform that hack, ay? im not even angry, just dissapointed

  • your server says thAT HTERE IS UNEXPECTED content

    what does that mean

  • check your discord