Pixelmon Reforged 8.4.2 modpack approximation

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  • I want to make a server for hanging out with a few friends, and it's not particularly going well.
    I've been trawling these forums trying to figure out how to run a server compatible with the 8.4.2 Pixelmon modpack. I know from what I've seen that I can't just run the older version of the modpack itself(though no one ever gives a reason why this rule is in place - is forcing a 1.12.2 server to revamp its world to 1.16 when a new version comes out really the optimal way to handle modpacks...?), so I tried to recreate it with as many of the same mods/versions as I could find - and the server crashes whenever I try to start it, let alone actually seeing if it runs properly on the modpack.
    Here's my latest crashlog: https://mclo.gs/Grr8Q3r
    And my mods and plugins folders (the server uses Mohist, at least right now):

    So I'd like to know what's causing the crash, but I'd also like to ask preemptively - what should I do to best approximate the 8.4.2 Pixelmon modpack? The Technic modpack is what we all run on our end - we'd want an experience as close to it as we can get, since installing forge and all the mods separately would be an insane mess for all of us.

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