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  • Hello guys. I'm very new to Aternos, just joined yesterday and have a few questions to which I couldn't find any answers. We are a group of friends playing plain, normal survival mode on MCPE and wanna do it long term. But when I learned that we need to keep our ram usage in check, I had couple questions:

    a) Does the ram usage go all the way on its own ?

    b) Will it eventually fill up? and if that's the case,

    b) What are the ways to mitigate the server from crashing due to lack of ram ? (other than reducing mods: we are not using mods)

    c) Is the progress that we made in our world saved in the uploaded world file? and,

    d) If I download the world file into my hard disk, will it contain all the progress that we had made? and if that's the case,

    e) Can I upload that same file in a fresh aternos server and continue our progress incase of full ram ?

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    RAM is temporary memory that a piece of software uses to store the things it's currently working on. When it's done working on something it frees up the ram it used and when it starts working on something it allocates more RAM.


    As described above RAM is temporary. When your server shuts down it frees up all RAM. It won't magically fill up overtime.

    c) yes

    d) yes

    e) yes