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  • Reason

    The Aternos server page doesn't have a simple way of seeing what mods you have installed, and you have to go into the mods folder in the files section. A lot of people who run servers using Aternos (me excluded) aren't very tech savvy, and so they don't know how to find the mods folder, and I've seen people complaining about how they have to reinstall the server every time they want to change the mods because they can't find the mod list.


    I suggest a complete overhaul of the "Mods" page. Right now, it's just a catalogue of mods with a search bar.

    I think the Mods page should look something like this:



    Current Mods ["Update All" button] ["Copy ID string" button]

    lithium-fabric-mc1.19.2-0.10.0 544.32 kB ["Delete" button used in the files section]

    NoChatReports-FABRIC-1.19.2-v1.13.10 342.45 kB ["Delete" button used in the files section]


    (The .jar extension in the file name is removed to reduce confusion)

    (It's basically the page)

    (The "Update All" button in the top right replaces all the mods in the list with the latest compatible version of the same mods)

    (The "Copy ID string" button provides a popup with a string of all the Project IDs of the mods with a space separating them, and a "Copy to Clipboard" button. Pressing the button in this example would return the string "gvQqBUqZ 634062". This string will be used for Quick Install, which is a new feature that I will explain later in this suggestion.)

    Install Mods

    (Copy and slap it in here)

    Quick Install mods    

    [Text input]

    (This is a new feature, hovering over the ⓘ will show a popup explanation of how this feature works)

    (Quick install allows for speedy setup of a set of mods. The text input accepts a string of numbers and letters, which represent the Project ID of Modrinth/Curseforge mods. This string can contain multiple Project IDs, and each ID has to be separated by at least 1 space. The string "gvQqBUqZ 634062" will install the latest compatible versions of Lithium from Modrinth and No Chat Reports from Curseforge to the server. So, a person can just keep a string of their favourite mods saved somewhere and quickly install them onto a new server. It can also be used to quickly duplicate the mods from one server to another using the "Copy ID string" button.)


    I hope you think this is a good idea, I think this will make handling mods a lot easier for both people who just want a simple solution and people who want to do things efficiently.

    Feel free to expand on this idea, I probably missed a really useful feature or something.

    P.S. I love what you're doing with Aternos, keep on making us happy Aternos team! :)