After screen you died, you will teleported in hub

  • Hey everyone! Does anyone know how to make it so that after the death screen: you died, it immediately teleported me to the hub without pressing the respawn button? I just saw on one Russian-language video that when someone died, after death, a screen was displayed for a second: you died, but after it you immediately teleported to the hub. Does anyone know how to do this? Or I need special plugins?

  • MrEpikooo

    Changed the title of the thread from “After screen you died, yo uwill teleported in hub” to “After screen you died, you will teleported in hub”.
  • If you are playing on 1.15 or newer, try /gamerule doImmediateRespawn on worlds where you want it to happen.

    Though I think that you will only get your desired effect if
    the hub is the player's respawn point.

    mods are weird, hard to work with, and will have conflicts

    - bukkit gang