Can you add BTE to the supported mods?

  • Dear Aternos, I was just trying to play online with my friend on a Minecraft mod(pack), called Build the Earth, where you can, well, build the earth in Minecraft, and after a lot of digging, i found that the only way to play with a friend in minecraft in a private world, without being on the same internet is through a private server, so i decided to use this website to host it, because ity is free and easy to use. So i tried, and it didnt work, i joined the discord, and elaborated the problem, the answer they gave me was that the mod(pack) isnt from a supported website, so i asked if it could become a supported mod(pack) website, and they told me to go here and write this in order to get an answer. So i'm just wondering if you at Aternos could come to an agreement or something with the owners of BTE so that the mod can finally be played in multiplayer in a private world, with it loading properly (it did not load up the correct world when i tried), and don't you worry, there are most likely a ton of others who would like to see this happen, so popularity would not be an issue i think.

    For the BTE team: They can probably be reached through their discord or their website, i will provide both for you here:



    Thank you for the attention.

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