How am I supposed to install the Simple Voice Chat plugin for 1.19.2?

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  • Hello, I would like to install the 1.19.2 version of the ProtocolLib plugin on my server for simple voice chat, but it does not appear anywhere on the plugins page. My server runs on PaperMC, and I can see that different versions of ProtocolLib show up on the plugins page, but the 1.19.2 version is somehow missing. I know it exists, because the file is on a separate page, which is connected to spigot, and I have the 1.19.2 version downloaded on my computer. But because I can't upload plugins of my own, and I can't find the 1.19.2 version on the plugins page, my only option was to request it through the "request an addon/plugin" button. I entered the link of the plugin and I can't even request it! Has anyone installed the ProtocolLib plugin on 1.19.2 for PaperMC before? If so, can you please tell me how to install it? Thanks!

    ProtocolLib 1.19.2 file (This is confirmed by the developers of the plugin to be the actual link to the 1.19.2 version, so it's not some sketchy link or anything)

    ProtocolLib #606 [Jenkins]