DynMap Alternative for aternos

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  • I have been using aternos for almost a year now but i wanted to put a plugin like dynmap. but aternos does not allow it any alternative of that plugin i can use?

  • I know that Aternos tries everything to be able to implement new plugins.

    Dynmap is one of the best plugins out there and deserves a place on Aternos.

    It would be a great miracle if Aternos can be added.

    Maybe if you talk to the creator, something can be done to add it to Aternos.

    It is a complicated thing, but perhaps, something could be done.

    I hope, at least, soon, either Dynmap or other alternatives will arrive.

  • This has already been discussed multiple times. If you want to know why read this:


    Dynmap won't be added because servers share the same IP address. Dynmap runs on port 8080 by default, and when everyone uses that port, there will be problems.

    Dynmap also generates thousands of files.