How to get access to the config file of the mod FallingTree and others

  • Hi, Aternos Team and community!

    I hosted a server recently, and I am facing a simple issue that I don't know how to set up on server side.

    On my machine I can configure the mod Falling Tree through the menu inside the game, things like the size of the tree that I am able to cut and other things.

    I know that I can do the same thing through the config folder, but the issue is that I can't find this folder inside the files ( I need to access a file inside the config folder with the name fallingtree.json, I tried through a link that I found in other post (, but it shows Access Denied.

    What can I do? I still couldn't figure it out.


    Information about the server

    Software: CurseForge Better MC [FABRIC] 1.19.2

    Version: v16.5

    Need more information about it? Just ask it and I will promptly reply.