Server Software: Pufferfish

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  • Why not add Pufferfish and Pufferfish+ (a faster version than standard pufferfish) as a server software?
    Pufferfish can handle about a lot of players, and Aswell is a fork of paper, it has much better performance than paper (since really it's like purpur but better than Purpur yeah I don't know)

    It has

    • An async entity tracker that allows entities to be tracked in a separate thread, freeing up the main thread for other tasks.
    • An async pathfinding algorithm that allows mobs to find their way around more quickly.
    • A number of other optimizations that improve the performance of various Minecraft features. (you already know).

      I'd really like to see it on Aternos.

    A professional dumbass. :aternos:

    Also consists good at community support.