aternos discconect problem

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  • I play on a friend's server with mods and he and I have a lot of connection problems, which I was looking at, it wasn't just us who were having these problems, I saw several people saying they had the same problem and there were some guys who said it was a problem with the wifi but I don't think it was because there was no way my friend and I could have the same problem together and when it wasn't a problem of disconnecting from the server it was a delay when breaking blocks or when I'm killing some mob the game gives a ping lag and then when it goes back to normal I'm dead,

    my problem is similar to this guy's I keep getting disconnected

    In this thread the guy did something to reduce the viewing distance but the guy tried and it didn't work, and I tried and the same thing happened, it just reduced the disconnection problem but it still has the delay of breaking blocks and also the lag the mobs I talked about before, and I agree with the guy, how about solving the problem right away instead of trying to blame the players' connection, I don't want to hate it either but the lag is really unbearable. if it was just me or just my friend who had this problem, it would be understandable but it's him and me, I hope they solve this problem because our world is already well evolved and the lag is really discouraging and I'm not talking about the lag of fps and yes ping, but that's what I wanted to talk about and ask you to resolve soon.

  • What's the TPS of the server when you face the issue?