Geyser Linking for Cracked Accounts

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    Geyser Linking:

    As you know that GeyserMC does not link both of your Java / Bedrock accounts unless you join their account linking server. This can be done if you have an Online account. However, if you are using a cracked account, this is certainly not possible. You can join the server from a Bedrock Edition client but not from the Java Edition client.

    Now this is a problem, you cannot link your accounts unless you have offline linking enabled. Now enabling this is possible however you cannot upload the required files because :aternos:

    Here is the documentation.

    Dear :aternos: Aternos, please allow us to upload those files as requested by GeyserMC. Or for people with not much experience, please add a button like Enable Geyser Linking. (Requires GeyserMC installed)