Could You Add Several "Servers"?

  • In different popular minecraft servers, there are tons of gamemodes, such as skyblock, survival, etc. Could you do that with aternos?


  • use multiverse with multiverse portals. they aren't different servers, they're on the same server. they're different worlds on one server.

    use /mvc {world_name} normal/nether/end (optional) -t flat (for a flat world) add "" to make the world name have 2 or more words.

    for example:

    /mvc Survival normal

    /mvc "Awesome Nether" nether

    /mvc "Flat world challenge" normal -t flat

    and then you can make a portal which goes from a portal to a portal, a portal to a specified coordinate, and a portal to another world.

    first make a portal, you can make it out anything you want. do //wand (it will use worldedit wand if it's installed, otherwise it will use it's own wand.) and then select the area of the portal; it creates a cuboid area so pretty much left click with the wand the upper right of the portal and then the lower left of the portal. then the cuboid area will be selected. then do /mvpc {portal_name} {dest}

    p:{portal_name} w:{world_name} c:{coordinate}

    for example

    /mvpc hub-survival p:survival-hub

    /mvpc creative w:Creative

    /mvpc wild c:100 25 -450

    you can also do /mvpm which will modify the portal you have currently selected, which you can do with /mvps {portal}

    for example

    /mvpm destination p:portal3

    /mvpm dest c:500 57 -200

    somebody probably already replied to this while i was typing this out but hopefully this is what you ment and it's helpful.

    have a good day!

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