Banned for unfair reasons.

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  • Hello,

    I recently have been banned from Aternos discord and I believe that the ban is unfair. I further believe that I was banned by Bluewy as he is the one rude to me mostly and he always creates an argument against me. He probably banned me so that I can't show everyone who's fault it is. Last time when he created a fight with me, I ended it by shutting up myself. But after a few minutes, I got notification that I am banned. Which means he actually looked for ways to ban me. And his reasons were small, but he wrote it in a way that it looks big. As of bot moderations, I got those for reasons I didn't know they would harm me. They are mods, so they don't give us freedom of speech. I just expressed an opinion, and he said that whenever you talk follow points like did it make someone's life better and so on. Those are just excuses. I also created a thread for justice needed a few days ago. And it got a topic-changing response.

    Here is the link to that Justice needed!.

    Just it feels so bad that being inferior is your fault. And probably this thread is also going to have bad replies that are going to change topics. Or someone may close the thread unconditionally. I hope I get helped... :(

  • I don't even know what and why did you get banned, what did you do to get banned though?

  • Kurt

    Closed the thread.