I need some help with my server again...

  • Its been a while since the last time i was on here, but ive come with a problem... How do i make it to where you only have your inventory in a certain world? You see, im having a problem with making a plugin based server because i also want to make a world that is meant specifically for survival (created it using multiverse) but when you log off and log back in it removes the items completely due to the hub plugin mechanics (i set it to where it doesnt allow any other item in the inventory except for the compass) but i want to have both a clean inventory in the hub, and a normal survival world where your inventory saves. How do i do this? Thanks in advance!

  • Also i ran into another problem. While i was testing the multiverseinventories plugin, i realized that it wasnt teleporting to my last known spot when teleporting into a survival world, but it would tp me back to the world spawn. If this is in the config for the plugin, please tell me where it is so i can fix it.

  • If you have Multiverse-Inventories plugin then yes, there is a solution

    In Multiverse-Inventories' config.yml, change save_load_on_log_in_out to true (line 18)

  • And one last thing before the thread closes, what is the best skywars and bedwars plugin i can use for 1.14.4? I just want skywars and bedwars on the server because it wouldnt feel complete without it. But in any case thanks! It is kinda annoying spawning in a different area.

  • Just google it for yourself.

    There's no "best" plugin. Everyone has their own perception of what plugin is best.

    Besides that, we don't know what exactly you want that plugin to include at the least.

    Besides besides that, if you search yourself, you can compare plugins to each other and pick out the one that seems best out of any of them.

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