"Incompatible FML modded server" "Server network message list is not compatible" But the mods on my client are the same as the servers.

  • So I'm assuming this is the place to go for this kinda stuff.

    I keep getting the "Incompatible FML modded server" little red X thingy next to my server when I open it. Looking around on these forums, it seems that the issue is that the mods on my client aren't the same as the ones for the server. I thought "ok, seems simple enough" and checked my mods folder. Lo and behold, I was missing a couple mods. I removed mods that weren't in the mods list on the server and added the missing mod, and made sure to check everything was in order. I even removed Optifine to make sure it would work. But, it didn't. I'm still getting the error, and I've check that the server mods are the same as the ones in my mods folder atleast 8 times now but I still can't join. Please help.

    tldr; getting weird incompatible fml modded server thingy but i have all the mods required on the server.

    edit: forgot to mention that it worked before, but then I added 2 new mods, Dungeon crawl and Antique atlas, and it stopped working.

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