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  • Is Aternos the best free Minecraft server hoster? 21

    1. Yes! (20) 95%
    2. No (1) 5%
    3. I don’t know… (0) 0%


    In this thread, your goal is to find a free Minecraft server hoster (like Minehut) and write some reasons why it’s not as good as Aternos!



    - You can only make 2 servers, per email you have.

    - There is no way to make a bedrock edition hosted server.

    - You can’t edit your server when it is offline.

    - There are advertisements.

    - There are premium plans (the reason this is on the list is because they often like say ‘Get this plan now because…’ a lot)

    - If you create a server and want to join on Bedrock Edition, it’s confusing to say to someone to join, then do /join.

    - The menus are harder to navigate.

    - The servers have less RAM than Aternos.

    If there’s something I forgot, please tell me)

    Good Luck! :)

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  • Scalacube

    - Sometimes the free server is not available.

    - The free server is only for java edition.

    - You can create 1 server per email.

    - Backups cost money.

    - Whenever I try to signup, it says ‘Email not available’.

  • Roman

    Closed the thread.