guys help i turn off my adblock for aternos but it still showing i have it on for the website

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  • i need help my aternos thing is saying i had adblock, which is true i got it because of the f*cking grammarly ads and sh*t on youtube and stuff, i went to aternos, adblock show, i turn off the adblock for aternos, and it still say i have it on. the error thing says error #113

    please help man :)))) thaexn :)(()))

  • SOMETHING is blocking your ads when you get that message. If you are sure its not your adblock it can be any number of other things. Your antivirus/firewall, your tracking cookie settings in the browser, another extension/application you installed in the browser, something in your network stopping ads(like a pi-hole), your router etc. We cant really tell you what, since this is in your end. Some hints are listed on…ou-are-using-an-adblocker

    If you don't see ads, something on your computer or in your network is blocking them.
    Make sure that
    - You don't have any browser add-ons installed that could block ads or modify the content of websites
    - You don't have any ad blocking software installed on your computer (e.g. AdGuard or antivirus software that also blocks ads)
    - There is no network filter installed in your home network,
    If you see ads change your DNS.
    Reason: Default DNS servers are a common way to block ads in a network.

    If none of this suggestions works send a mail to [email protected] and make sure to provide a screenshot of the ID that you get when you see the big red warning.

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