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  • hi, i use aternos for my server, and i like play whit mod and my friends, and we want to create something like a race server and on aternos there isn't the mod, why? there are other mod whit the same number of download on aternos, and if i try to add it say "isn't popular" also there aren't modern car mod on aternos, the only one is "poker's garage" and the car of that mod aren't cool can't do cool things like drift, and craftspeed(…rsive-vehicles-craftspeed) add some of cool thing, pls add that mod, is the only decent race mod for minecraft

    the mod is for forge 1.12.2

  • That's because there's no specific criteria. While a mod with 1k downloads could be added, another mod with the same number of downloads, or even more, might not be added.

    :aternos: Hello Everyone :aternos:

  • Questo perché non ci sono criteri specifici. Mentre è possibile aggiungere una mod con 1k download, potrebbe non essere aggiunta un'altra mod con lo stesso numero di download o anche di più.

    are you sure about that, also i've search for this, i've request the mod also, when it wasn't popular, and so the mod goes to the black list for some time, the mod has make the last 2000 download in this month, and it was something like 890 when i request it first