[JAVA] When connecting to the modded server one user get error messege

  • When a user tries to connect to the server on the server select screen it says "Incompatible Vanilla server" and when trying to connect the error message (picture in attachments) pops up.

    The server is a modded mincraft server in version 1.16.5 and uses curse forge .

    The user has the exact same mods, installed and played on, as everyone else on the server, yet he cannot join .

    He has tried to completely reinstall curseforge but it gives same error messege.

    (sorry for bad english, it's my second language)
    hope y'all can help :)

  • Make sure your running the correct software. If you are running a Forge server, you will need to use Forge on MC. If you are already are running the software, could you share the server log?

  • Just check if your client side (PC) mods match your server side mods and with the exact version