Patchouli registry remapping failed

  • Back again with another Origins server problem I can't seem to find anything on lol, this time the server itself is working and boots up properly but I'm unable to join once I actually launch Minecraft. I get an error message which says " Registry remapping failed: Received ID map for minecraft:item contains IDs unknown to the receiver! - patchouliguide_ book" and all I've been able to find online is that other people have also had this issue. I'm not sure if it's a problem with Fabric or with something in the patchouli mod itself, and I'm also unsure where else to look for help with this. If said help wouldn't be here, I'd appreciate it if someone could point me to the appropriate place so I can ask there instead!

    Here's a screenshot of the message from the launcher.


  • Check if you have installed patchouli mod on your PC and if yes then check if the version of that mod matches the version of the mod on the server

    Just checked, I thought I had the same file on my PC but I didn't notice that the name was slightly different. I replaced it with the right version and it's working now, thank you so much!