Essentialsx Join Leave

  • I installed essentialsx on my life steal server and now I can't see any leave join messages. This is an attachment from the config.yml. and how to give permissions like essentials.silentjoin and other things?

    # Should players with permissions be able to join and part silently?

    # You can control this with essentials.silentjoin and essentials.silentquit permissions if it is enabled.

    # In addition, people with essentials.silentjoin.vanish will be vanished on join.

    allow-silent-join-quit: false

    # You can set custom join and quit messages here. Set this to "none" to use the default Minecraft message,

    # or set this to "" to hide the message entirely.

    # Available placeholders:

    # {PLAYER} - The player's displayname.

    # {USERNAME} - The player's username.

    # {PREFIX} - The player's prefix.

    # {SUFFIX} - The player's suffix.

    # {ONLINE} - The number of players online.

    # {UNIQUE} - The number of unique players to join the server.

    # {UPTIME} - The amount of time the server has been online.

    custom-join-message: "{USERNAME} has joined the SMP!"

    custom-quit-message: "{USERNAME} has left the SMP!"
    Please let me know if you need anything to fix this issue