Environmental Armor Port is definitely not "not popular enough"

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  • Now, a start into this whole mess, i hope some aternos mod read this. Environmental Armor is a very important mod to the whole origins playthrough. Long story short, the dev kinda abandoned the mod and it's pretty much outdated now, but that's not aternos's fault.

    The real problem starts here. A user named "puppyguarb" ported the mod for 1.18+, and it's not in aternos's mods list while it should be. It's been on cursedforge for around 3 months now and has almost 3k downloads, i don't see why aternos mod suggestion web sees the mod as "not popular enough", and i defo don't see a requirement for it to not be a port, or somewhat unofficial. Please, we need this for 1.18 origins playthroughs, this is very major and i hope y'all can add the mod in..

  • If the suggest page says it can't be added then it can't be added. It's a case by case decision