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    hello aternos team I want to ask when I turn on my server so it crashes and shows me this in the console The server was stopped because it took too long to start. Try reducing the load to avoid this in the future. don't know how to fix it? well thank you
  • Aternos's system stopped your server because it took too long for it to start. This can happen when a server is overloaded (too many plugins, resource-heavy modpack, etc.). Aternos's system automatically stops servers if they don't respond within a certain amount of time to prevent them from getting stuck during startup. Especially in the afternoon (Central European Time), when many servers run simultaneously, servers running big modpacks sometimes take too long to start. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about this. You can only try to start your server again at another time, remove some resources (e.g. plugins/mods) and if you use a modpack try a smaller one.