Problem with the economyshopgui plugin

  • When i first installed economyshopgui it wouldn't let any one open any categories in the shop unles i op them because i also have luckperms plugin and i fixed the shop issue but whenever i relog or restart the server the shop plugin breaks again and the only way to fix it again is to run the command “/reload” but other people say its not recommended to use that command because it could break plugins. Im not sure what to to someone please help me

  • which version of the plugin you are using?

    I recommend using the latest version of the plugin compatible with your Server version

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    *Make sure you have Vault and EssentialX installed.

    *After you add all permissions as mentioned below 👇

    Then Type /sreload (which reloads the plugin) rather than using /reload (which reloads the whole server) as it may sometimes crashes the Server and probably it can crash/break some plugins.

    *Add these permissions in luckperms and apply it on your server->

    1) (permission allows users to use the shop)

    2)<section> (gives user Access to open a specific shop section by its name)

    3) (Gives you permission to open all shop sections)

    4)EconomyShopGUI.sellall (Allows you to use the sellall command)

    5)EconomyShopGUI.sellall.<section> (Gives access to sell items in a specific shop section using the /sellall command)

    6)EconomyShopGUI.sellall.all (Allows users to sell items using the /sellall command to all shop sections)

    7)EconomyShopGUI.sellallitem (Allows a users to use the /sellall <item> command)

    8 EconomyShopGUI.sellallitem.<section> (Allows users to sell items using the /sellall <item> in specific shop sections)

    9)EconomyShopGUI.sellallitem.all (Allows users to sell items to every shop section using the /sellall item command)

    10)EconomyShopGUI.sellallhand (Allows to use the /sellall hand command)

    11)EconomyShopGUI.sellallhand.<section> (Allows users to sell in a specific shop section with the /sellall hand command)

    12)EconomyShopGUI.sellallhand.all (Allows users to sell items using /sellall hand to evey shop section)

    13)EconomyShopGUI.sellgui (Allows users to open the SellGUI)

    14)EconomyShopGUI.sellgui.<section> (Allows users to sell items using the /sellgui command in specific sections)

    15)EconomyShopGUI.sellgui.all (Allows users to sell items to all shop sections using /sellgui)


    Hope this helps :thumbup: