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  • Aternos is a great minecraft hosting site, with the availbility to make a server to play with friends for free.
    people can play it with just vanilla minecraft, or a modded one if bored

    now here is my suggestions. Big mods such as RLcraft or Crazicraft takes up quite a lot of RAM. I know you're running this for free, and you won't be able to afford for more advancements, but if you can, i think you should differ the RAM that can be allocated to normal Vanilla server and a modded server.

    i'm not trying to discriminate the player who play vanilla, but i personally think that it will be more efficient, as normal server doesn't require as much RAM as modded ones. Perhaps the normal Vanilla to 2.5GB and modded to 3GB? i would love if you could change it to 4GB, as if i constantly check on the RAM meter on my server site, it get close to limit.and we haven't even travelled to the nether and other dimension yet.

    I would love new changes, or even good replies that would help us to play with less lag.Thank you in advance. :)

    EDIT: i've seen many people writing similar stuffs related to RAM problems, if you cannot change the ram size, i would love some tips in to reduce the lag for the server as i play RLcraft with 2 other friends and believe me, the lags hits me quite hard.

  • Oh, thank you for letting me know!

    can i ask you what we can do to improve our plays?

    what we try to do is to stay close to reduce the chunks loading, and i'm thinking of turning down few mods like chunk animator and better foilage.
    Any more suggestions that may reduce the lag, and make the game run more smoothly?