I can't join my server

  • that error message means that you're missing a mod that was installed on your server or you downloaded the incorrect version of the mod that was installed on your server.

    Share your client log:

    1. open your minecraft installation path (enter %appdata%/.minecraft in the file explorer )
    2. open the logs folder
    3. open the "latest" or "latest.log" file with a text editor
    4. copy and paste the content of the file to https://mclo.gs/
    5. send the link here

  • Hi everyone , when I try to join my server it displayed this unknown.png

    I don't know what to do ?

    Thanks you :)

    try to restarting ur server
    clear all plugins, if you want again plesase reinstall them
    if you're cracked try turning on cracked option.
    restart both your laucher (sawlyrr, lunar, TL, badlion or anything) and YOUR COMPUTER