Mod requirements are vaguely explained when suggesting, but some seem hard-set when testing. [Feedback]

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  • Hi! Sorry if I'm being rude with this post but I noticed a discrepancy with suggesting mods and I made an account on the forums to try to clear it up, it might just be a misunderstanding. Specifically, it feels like if a mod is under a month old, even by a couple days it's automatically refused. This started when I wanted to suggest Create Fabric, and despite it having 22,000 downloads it was still being refused. Of course, I waited a few days and tried again but it was still being refused. So, I decided to do some basic testing. After testing a few mods, I got to a mod created the 24th of April (26,000 downloads), exactly a month away from today's date (24th of May) (Extended Drawers - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge). And it allowed me to suggest it. While a mod that has similar downloads (KubeJS Botania - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge) which was created 3 days after (27th of April, 22,000 downloads) says it's not popular enough. Another example, albeit much less downloads, is (Better Runtime Resource Pac... - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge) (25th of April, ~1,000 downloads) is not able to be suggested either (That one has little downloads so I can understand why it's considered not popular enough.)

    It feels like anything that was created past April 24th (or more specifically less than a month ago), no matter the download count, is automatically refused. If that is the case, I'm not asking you to change it, I would just like it to be at least mentioned on Suggesting new mods and plugins – Aternos or told on the suggest page. If it is mentioned somewhere I was not able to find it. It saves a lot of headaches and lowers strain on your servers to mention it, so people aren't suggesting mods everyday trying to see if they'll finally be accepted. It feels a bit frustrating that requirements are so vague, and many are just told it's case-by-case when sometimes it feels like it's not (not saying it isn't case-by-case, just feels like it isn't sometimes). Again, this is not to be rude, I'm just asking for a bit more clarity on the suggestion process.

    Thanks, Bloof. :aternos:

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    The suggestion process has two steps.

    First there are some automatic checks (like a strict minimum download count, a minimum age, the mod needs to allow project distribution, it can't already exist etc.).

    If the mod passes all those checks it's added to a list and will be reviewed manually.

    A mod that passes the automatic popularity checks might still be marked as not popular enough later. That's where the case by case decisions come in. If we added hard minimums to the article we would need to update those all the time and people would ask us why a mod was denied if it is slightly above those.

    The load on our servers suggesting takes is negligible and it's honestly more difficult to check "is it old enough" yourself than pasting it into the box and seeing what the result is.

  • Okay, thank you for explaining. I was under the assumption that all mods are put on manual review since the article doesn't mention minimums or any automatic checks. I wasn't aware those minimums shift a lot either, I understand changing that article every time would be hard work. Though a rough estimate for minimums would be helpful I can understand that it could cause issues like people complaining if their mod hasn't been approved yet. Sorry for the misunderstanding.