1.18 Server suddenly changed to 1.9

  • I have a Bedrock server that I play on with a couple of friends, and one day, when we tried to join, the server was suddenly on version 1.9.

    I'm the only one with access to the server options and I am 100% I didn't change it to 1.9. When I changed it to 1.18, almost every single chunk was reset to how it originally was, which meant all of our houses and projects had just vanished. And on top of all that, the backups were from a MONTH ago, which was from before we even built something.

    Why did this happen? And is there a way to revert all the chunk resets?

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    If you don't have a backup there's no way to restore your world.

    Your server probably change to 1.19 (not 1.9) because mojang decided to release a preview version of the bedrock server.

    Mojang has never provided betas or previews for bedrock servers before and decided to provide them exactly like any other bedrock version without announcing it anywhere. Our system automatically added the version and because your server was set to update automatically, the next time you started your server it was on 1.19.

    We have changed the "latest" version back to 1.18 for all servers that haven't been started on 1.19 yet.