Friend suddenly can't connect to server

  • Me and my friend had made a new world with my server and suddenly he can no longer join. As soon as he enters he recieves a connection error. The log says he 'times out'. He's joined once before on this new world and had no issues after reinstalling minecraft. Now checking his java and I deleted his playerdata on aternos isn't working We're both getting frustrated and need desperate help.

    Error message: internal exception connection reset


    It's worth to note the first world we had he had no issues whatsoever and I haven't changed any settings other than generating a new world.

  • Quote

    We are aware of issues on the public internet that are causing connection problems for some players. Specifically, players are affected whose connection takes a certain path through the internet to reach our servers. We have passed the problem on to the appropriate organizations. Unfortunately, however, we have to say that these are often lengthy processes, and we cannot speed them up. We are already evaluating possible approaches to work around the problem, at least for our users. However, neither you nor we can solve the underlying problem.

    - The Aternos team

    it's likely that the responsible ISP will fix that soon

    if not please follow the steps in this article:…bly-closed-by-remote-host