Integrated Dungeons And Structures takedown

  • So I couldn't help notice IDAS was taken off Aternos, Why?
    It says it was because the mod owner does not support mod distribution but the Curseforge page seems to suggest the creator allows and even encourages using it in modpacks. So there wasn't any reason to take it down, Why was it removed?

  • Aternos recently removed around 800 mods, because their developers no longer allow their project to be downloaded from the curseforge API by third parties. The only way for those mods to be added again requires the mod developers to enable project distribution again:…oject-distribution-toggle

    If there are any mods that depend on a removed mod please report this to the Aternos support team by sending a mail to [email protected]

    Currently I have contacted to mod author to ask if they can enable project distribution back or not