Mod Pack Request [Invasion] Curse launcher

  • Hello Aternos team, can you please add the mod pack "Invasion"

    When you try to add a mod pack via the link, the message "This is outdated or no longer receives updates" appears. But the last time the mod pack was updated literally half a year ago, there is also a server pack, which is necessary to add a mod pack to Aternos. The version of Minecraft itself is not as old as the versions of other mod packs (1.10.2), so I think this is not the reason, I hope for your help and explanation, as this is really a very unusual and cool build that I would like to play with my friends, if you read the description on CurseForge, then make sure of it! Sorry for my bad english, if it was, I used Google Translator.


    Thank you very much for your attention!