Plugin - EssentialsX

  • Hi

    I have a problem with the EssentialsX plugin. The {PREFIX} placeholder doesn't want to work. I wanted to make a login message: [Admin] Player joined the game. I don't know why it doesnt work. I then, to solve the problem. i download the PlaceholderAPI plugin and did this:

    custom-join-message: "&ePlayer:&f %simpleprefix_prefix% {PLAYER} &ajoined the game." custom-quit-message: "&ePlayer:&f %simpleprefix_prefix% {PLAYER} &cgone"But nothing works. Command /papi ecloud download SimplePrefix I wrote, as well as /papi reload. It just writes to the chat: "&ePlayer:&f %simpleprefix_prefix% Player &ajoined the game."Who knows tell me please
  • [20:34:12 INFO]: Player: Nevel12 %simpleprefix_prefix% joined the game.

    So he writes, but there should be a prefix instead of a placeholder.