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    If it says access denied then you probably don't have world permissions

    No, the link you gave only works if the world folder is named "world".

    Also Roman can you guys do something about these moronic mods/helper wannabes going around not only being extremely unhelpful but also giving outright misinformation?

    Option 1 (Let your friends use mcaselector):
    Zip the world folder

    * Upload it to google drive

    * Send it to your friends

    * Tell them to decrease the file size using mcaselector

    * Zip the file before uploading to Aternos for lower file size

    Option 2 (Use Thanos):

    * Use thanos if you know how

    * Zip the file before uploading to Aternos for lower file size

    Option 3 (Upload parts of your region folders at a time):

    * (If you can't do the things above or did the things above but the file size is still higher than the limit, this is for you)

    * Go in your world folder, move the region, DIM1/region, DIM-1/region folders to another place

    * Upload the world folder

    * If any of those folders that you just moved is larger than the upload limit, seperate the folders' content so that each part is lower than the limit, then upload them one at a time

    forcing people to use ONE software is not a good idea

    Elaborate? Spigot and Paper are essentially "ONE" themselves, abeit Spigot is objectively inferior.

    Many people still use spigot

    And? Not sure what the problem here is. Correct me if im wrong but didn't you guys removed bukkit in the past?

    not a good idea, especially making people switch.

    They don't need to. FYI Paper is literally a drop-in replacement for Spigot. I imagine its not that hard for the team to automate replacing it.

    I often play in other people's servers in Serverlist, and from my observations, the amount of server that uses Spigot instead of Paper is more than it should be.

    I don't see any reason not to remove Spigot from Aternos as Paper is literally its direct upgrade. It can run all Spigot/Bukkit plugins and has every single feature that spigot has to offer, and more.

    • Pros
      • The Aternos Team has less work to do
      • Less people uses Spigot, which will benefit both the server owner and the players
    • Cons
      • Virtually none