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    When I tried to connect to my aternos server it said 'internal exception connection reset'. That seems to be a very common connection issue but I cant see the cause of it.


    NO OPTIFINE NEEDED: Access Shaders in Video Settings > Shader Packs > Add your Shader
    1.18.1 FEATURES
    ⚔️ Terralith World Generation
    ⚔️ Nether Overhauled with Amplified Nether!
    ⚔️ Jobs available [Press "J" in game or check out Jobs+ Mod]
    ⚔️ Built a Bustling Medieval Kingdom with Minecolonies!

    ⚔️ Tons of NEW Dungeons & Structures from When Dungeons Arise & Repurposed Structures

    ⚔️ Stamina Thirst and Temperature System!
    ⚔️ Ars Nouveau/Forbidden & Arcanus Magic Mods!

    ⚔️ End Remastered Mod! [Link]
    ⚔️ New Crops & Foods & Moon Events!

    ⚔️ Apotheosis, Tetra & Waystones

    ⚔️ Tons of QOL Features

    ⚔️ Journey Map [Press 'M' to Open]

    ⚔️ 200+ Mods

    ⚔️ Explore and Adventure this new Medieval World & Build your Kingdom with Minecolonies!
    Both Loaders have their own Unique Mods and they do share some similar Mods but they both provide different experiences

    The similar modpack has been requested before(1.18 Fabric version and 1.16.5 Forge version) , but this is a completely new version(1.18.1 Forge version) and is extremely popular, having approximately 61000 downloads.

    The previous major reason for dening the modpack request is because of 'unreliable pack author'. I don't really understand this reason, as the pack author, SharkieLPS , has created numerous modpacks and were very popular among the Minecraft community. One of the major reasons for suge an influence must be the reliability of the content of this pack author.

    I have played this modpack on my own, and this modpack is absolutely clean. No viruses, no inappropiate only takes a little bit of time to load.

    The experience is enjoyable and I hope I can share the joy with my friends by playing this modpack on Aternos server.

    Really appreciate it if you could read my request and take a look into the modpack author's content and popularity.

    Hope my request will be accepted.

    A big thank you to all developers. :)