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Modpack requests are no longer done through our forum. Instead, can request modpacks here:
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    Please read the whole thread before you write a modpack request. We know it may be long, but in the end, it will save you and the Aternos team a lot of time!

    In this forum, you can request modpacks that should get added to Aternos. A modpack is a pre-made collection of mods.

    (We recently changed the way how users can suggest mods and plugins. If you want to suggest a mod or plugin switch over to here.)

    Before you write your request

    Before creating a request for a new modpack you should check some prerequisites:

    • Make sure that the modpack you want to request is not already available. You can find all already available modpacks here: . Note that some modpacks are distributed via different platforms, so make sure that you check all categories for the modpack you're looking for.
    • Search the forums for previous requests for the same modpack. If a modpack has been denied in the past there is no need to request it again. You can search for past requests here:
    • Check that the modpack you want to request does meet all requirements:

    Requirements for modpacks and related files

    The modpack...

    • ...must be downloaded at least 10000 (10k) times.
    • ...must be distributed over a supported platform (Please check the list of supported platforms down below)
    • ...must be made for Minecraft 1.12 and newer. We won't add new packs for Minecraft 1.11 and older!
    • ...must provide official server files (Please also check requirements for server files down below).
    • ...must provide its description and offering in the English language.

    Server files...

    • ...must be linked on the modpack's website
    • ...must be linked using the provided labels/buttons/features for server packs on platforms that provide that.
    • ...must not rely on custom installers.
    • ...must work out of the box.
    • ...must be clean. (E.g. some modpacks just upload their test-server or something like this with all playerdata etc. - we won't clean it up.)

    Supported Platforms



    Feed The Beast:

    Curseforge (Twitch Launcher):

    We can not add any pack which isn't hosted on these sites.

    Writing your request
    If the modpack meet's all the above requirements you can create a request by opening a new thread in the right sub-forum:

    Provide the URL to the modpack's website and choose the launcher/platform where it gets distributed over. Also, provide a small description that describes the purpose of the pack.

    After creating your request you just have to wait.

    Adding new modpacks to Aternos is unfortunately a lot of work. We have to convert the pack into our own Aternos-compatible format and tweak the settings that it works with our system etc.

    This makes this process very time-consuming. If you don't get a reply to your request for a longer time, then this is a good sign. Your request and the modpack passed our initial check and are pending for test-implementation.

    In general, it takes multiple weeks until you get a reply from us. Unfortunately, we can't speed up this process.

    Finally, I would like to point out that if your modpack does meet all of the above requirements it does not mean that we guarantee that the pack will be added.

    There are always reasons why a modpack can not be added which are so individual that they are not predictable.