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    So, I found this on the curseforge modpack page and i wanted to make a server off of it, however i saw that it wasn't on the modpack page, it adds a lot to the game and I think many people would enjoy its features. FEATURES

    ✔️ Caves & Cliffs 1.17 UPDATE! [Now able to go below y 0 into the Deep Dark Dimension]

    ✔️ Explore over 100+ new biomes [In The Overworld, The Nether & The END]

    ✔️ 3 NEW Dimension to Explore [New End Game Storyline & Quests for The Abyss Only!]

    ✔️ New End! [New Biomes, Ores and Features]

    ✔️ New Illagers, Dungeons & Structures

    ✔️ Antique Atlas Book [To help you with your Exploration]

    ✔️ Craftable Deeds to Claim land!

    ✔️ Dragon Egg can now be hatched! [Different types of dragons too]

    ✔️ Tons of QOL mods [Quality of Life]

    ✔️ Proximity Voice Chat & Twitch Chat [For SMP's or Twitch Streams]

    ✔️ 200+ Mods to bring life to your world [Much more content to explore!]

    ✔️ A Brand New Experience of Vanilla Minecraft

    If you do add it, thank you, I can't wait to continue using aternos!

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