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    I would love to run mods aside from each other, but I can see this not really happening yet, but maybe when it's in a more organized layout, where there is one for every version in a different category of versions. Run mods alongside other mods would be a great addition.

    Aside from that, Let's talk about Cauldron/Thermos. It's basically Spigot (a fork of Bukkit) and Forge combined. I know I talked about this before, But can we at least give this a possibility in the future, Where we can run plugins like EssentialsX, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, etc.
    Having a endless amount of opportunities to combine mods and plugins alongside.
    [I didn't mention Sponge especially since it's still in a Beta state]
    Especially modpacks.
    but in cases like Cauldron can't work with modpacks especially Mainly known modpacks as Tekkit Legends, Hexxit, etc. That's where Thermos comes in. Instead of putting Cauldron as a option, Maybe add Thermos (a fork of Cauldron that's more stable especially for modpacks) as a option, As long there's a version for it.
    Like possibility it might work like this.

    • Pick a mod or (if this would be already added)multiple combinations of mods either 1.6.4, 1.7.10, or 1.8,
    • It will either show a little prompt, saying something like: "If you want to run plugins, please tick this checkbox."
    • Let's assume that the checkbox is ticked and it will load all necessary files to put them on to a server.

    This can allow a variety of items like multiple-worlds, Essentials simplistic commands, WorldEdit that works with mod blocks, and more!

    Cauldron is a server based off Spigot/Bukkit code but with Forge Mod Support, It can be used with modpacks if wanted. this is a serverside and not used as a plugin or mod.
    Sponge is also kind of the same but it's a mod, But there's also vanilla support, Would be nice to add these platforms under Plugins or with a checkbox marked for Lucky Block mods and also Modpacks.

    Cauldron has versions from 1.6.4 to 1.7.10
    While Sponge is 1.8 and onward. (I don't know if they already backported already but I am pretty sure they'll work on 1.8 and higher only.)

    These can be used for moderation tools and more commands that could be useful likewise with Bukkit/Spigot Plugins.
    It would be likewise for the user to know if there's support for that modpack or this modpack.
    However, I can understand if you don't add Sponge for specific reasons, So it doesn't get mixed up with Bukkit/Spigot Plugins. But it's actually kind of best for people who wanted plugins and mods but they have to choose between either but with Sponge, You don't even have to.

    The Sponge Project Website: (Might as well also apply for your sponsorship if you want to.)

    Cauldron DLs were hard to find but I actually found backups from Yive's Mirror.

    Cauldron started working on a different platform called Sponge if you like to know that small fact.

    Before you go saying "DIDN"T YOU MAKE THIS REQUEST IN MODPACK/PLUGINS/MOD SUBFORUM" The reason is I just realized that custom platforms don't belong in the section.

    And also, If you are gonna ask "Uh, They already have this function, Just go to Plugins and pick Bukkit or Spigot" And my answer to that is FORGE MODS AND MODPACKS AREN"T COMPATIBLE WITH IT, And that's why Cauldron and Sponge exists to make that work out.

    Before you say that it's a plugin: It's not. Cauldron is not a plugin while it's a server jar, While Sponge is a mod to make plugins based off it's SpongeAPI and it's for Forge and Vanilla.

    Let's just get right into it

    Rules for Users:
    Don't post more than once in a row. If it happens, Then it's immediate restart.
    Memes and jokes are allowed.

    Single rule for Staff and Devs:
    Don't post twice, It will make the game hard and unfair, So if a staff or dev breaks the chain, they can't break the chain again until someone else in the Staff and Dev Team later on breaks the chain.

    So I will start.
    [Blocked Image:]

    Don't want to bump this thread, but I am pretty sure it has to do with Technic's Solder on GitHub.
    Yep. Kind of felt necessary to me.

    Gonna quote this from the GitHub.

    Using Solder also means your packs will download each mod individually. This means the launcher can check MD5's against each version of a mod and if it hasn't changed, use the cached version of the mod instead. What does this mean? Small incremental updates to your modpack doesn't mean redownloading the whole thing every time!

    Cauldron is a basically a server that can run Bukkit and Spigot Plugins with mods from Forge, Plus, This can be a option for people who want this for modpacks,
    Sponge is also similar to Cauldron, Except Sponge runs code different from Bukkit and Spigot.
    WorldEdit + Serverside mod setups for Forge (Perms and etc.) is a plugin, But why not the Forge version as well? There's a Forge mod for WorldEdit and Sponge doesn't have WorldEdit, And Sponge is planning to implement WorldGuard with the creator of WorldEdit/WorldGuard, while there has been many different world guard plugins for Sponge like FoxGuard. If in fact you only plan to add Sponge Support later.

    Also, I want to have Squake if I plan to add a bunnyhop gamemode to my server, Because Bunnyhop is one of my favorite gamemodes and will be based with the Parkour Plugin.
    Flan's Mod is one of my favorites, but I rather have it with the mods and Flan's Mod Content Packs themself.

    Also, It should be allowed that the server can choose a older version for a older version of Minecraft.

    I will accept one of the following:
    The Cauldron/Sponge support: (Cauldron backups that want to be downloaded can be easily found in Google "Cauldron Minecraft Server") (Sponge: SpongeVanilla and SpongeForge)
    All of them
    Either FTP support and allow custom server jars
    WorldEdit and Forge Essentials (+etc.)

    (btw, would be nice to have Enjin/DonationCraft and Votifier (+GAListener)

    Most server hosting providers have File Transfer Protocols for plugins that they don't list or mods or even BukkitForge servers. FTP is really known in MC Server Hosting providers as I believe and will help for the user, or alternative, Allow users to upload and edit with in the webpage itself.