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    then what happen bro?

    Jei (just enough items) nei (not enough items) and any other inventory management/spawning mod generally won't affect your world if updated, removed completely, replaced with a competitors mod or anything like that, as they only affect the inventory you don't have to worry about them messing up your world, the only thing you have to watch out for is that you don't install 2 of them that conflict or something, that will probably crash your game, but your world should be safe.

    And of course if you're really worried, find the save location, copy the corresponding world folder to a separate location (manual backup) then make whatever changes you like, hell if you want you can even copy the entire.minecraft folder and replace it if you make a mistake, I do that frequently. Although I do it for dumb reasons like installing my own badly matched, huge sets of mods, all at once (usually doesn't end well)

    Maybe us the users could possibly organise this thing,maybe,just a thought?

    That was my thoughts too, would still need official Aternos staff support to pull it off.

    In the meantime it might be a good idea to try and convince mod/plugin owners to put them on curseforge (ect). Probably might want to also point out to mod owners (ect) the limitations of Aternos and how many people are missing out on their mods (ect) because of this, that will also help advertise Aternos and (as much as I hate ads) the more people watching their ads, the more money they have to spend on more datacentres.

    Also maybe a simple web app that can perform all the duties of the website would be nice, everyone loves apps and they're easy to cram full of those delicious moneymaking ads.

    The other reason to maybe have an app as well was purely for the ad money, my initial suggestion (I don't think they could use due to it being almost breaching and provider guidelines) would be to have a "donation" app that could be left open displaying ads to earn the user some kind of "Aternos points" that could be spent on que skips ect, however half of this idea could work too without any breaches of guidelines.

    The hall of that idea that might work would be to have a functional web app like the first one I mentioned, with all the features of the website and customisable ads, a minimum level of ads (equivalent in earning potential to the website) that has no benefit besides the lovely service Aternos already provides, a middle level that has occasional full screen pop ups and a few benefits (maybe an occasional que skip) and a full donation mode that has a pop up video as after every action but maybe gives you a que skip every day

    I found from messing around with aps that people actually appreciate customisation of the ads and there are a few who will even up the level of ads if the benefits are good enough, it's a very small percentage of users and my experience of making and publishing aps was just for fun but it's something to consider

    The only information I could find is this

    if you want to find what your multiplayer world seed is if you are the server host just look at the server console window where it says "preparing start region" it will have the Seed right next to it when you start or restart your server. If you're looking at a rented server it will be in the Server


    If you can, you can take your map and put it on your single player and check it there.

    I don't see anything obvious with the logs, cracked clients are allowed so that's one possibility down. The only other thing I can think of is the whitelist, check that isn't enabled or if it is then check you've spelled the name correctly? I can't remember if that tells you the problem in the logs when it happens or not though

    My only suggestion would be to download the world and use something to find them, mcedit, plugins ect then note the co-ordinates and use the server commands to teleport there. I find mcedits preview map helpful for this if what I'm looking for is big enough to spot

    You can also see through terrain without x-ray, it's something to do with using a piston to push a block into your head, allows you to see through terrain. I used to use it in servers, doesn't show diamonds specifically but allows you to see underground ravines which help

    I have a suggestion that doesn't require changing of anything server-side and kinda helps.

    If you use optifine it allows you to set your view distance WAY beyond Minecraft's normal settings (goes up to 32 extreme I think). Now your normal view distance set by the server still applies, so changes outside that range aren't reflected by your game until you get closer but the scenery outside your server view distance stayed loaded giving the impression that you have insane view distance (I use that trick to screencap a large area of my servers beyond what the view distance allows). The other catch is that you have to have traveled through the scenery for it to load and stay loaded but if at spawn you run a large ring around the area you're working in, you could forget while playing that your view distance isn't actually as insanity inspired as it seems

    Try this, screenshot the map you need and edit it to suit (Aternos probably has limit on image size so making it thumbnail size would help) then on click the picture to change it, this would still only give you a static image though, to have one that is "live" (self updating/adapting) you would have a website showing the map of the game, a useless spare PC to run code on, code to automatically screenshot the website, edit it and upload it daily. That's a lot of work for what I think you're asking though, I'd just stick with a single edited screenshot

    Oh, I don't mean using them together, I mean having users who know a lot about both platforms

    Basically I'm trying to suggest a means of not being restricted to only a few repositories for our mods or plugins, security for the server and it's users has to stay top priority though, which is the biggest issue with my plan, but would allow for (example) more than just having curseforge supported mods or wherever Aternos gets its plugins ( I'm a mod user, don't know much about plugins)

    Again looking at the log, I can't see a mod name that's causing the crash but the crash seems to start after line 830. Don't know if this is affecting it but I don't think you're supposed to put JEI in the server mods, I think it's only used client-side, at least that's what I do