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    Many of my Aternos servers have just suddenly disappeared, completely deleted along with their worlds.

    Affected IPs were:

    • (Magma 1.12)
    • (Forge 1.14)
    • (Vanilla 1.16.3)

    Is there a way to recover these servers, or is the database purge that deleted them final and irrevocable?

    EDIT: The problem has mysteriously resolved itself, changes to my plugin config files suddenly appeared the next day.

    Hello Aternos mods/community/etc,

    I've recently ran into a problem with my plugin configuration files not saving even after I press the "save" button. Is there a limit to how many times I can save per minute to prevent spam, or is there an issue with the file size?

    I currently have the config file I am trying to save copied to a *.txt file on my PC, in case anyone wishes to have it.

    Thanks, --Catz.

    Hello Aternos administration team,

    I'd like to request that the 2.0 version of the Compass Tracker plugin be added to Aternos' plugin index. While the v1.0 and v1.1 versions of this plugin are added, I'd like to ask that the newest version (under a separate ID from the original) be added to the mod index.

    This plugin is quite important for manhunts please add it kthx.

    Link to the plugin:

    Thanks, --Catz.

    Update: I've discovered that whenever I place a block from mods, this happens.

    Hello Aternos admins/community,

    As of late, my server on Minecraft "Magma" 1.12.2 has been crashing at random intervals. I've added several mods and plugins to the server and can't figure out what's going on.

    Link to latest server log:

    Link to server (currently running at the time of posting):

    Mod list:

    • Pixelmon Generations (main focus of server) v8.1.2
    • Blockcraftery v1.12.2-1.3.1
    • Chisel v1.12.2-
    • Connected Textures Mod ("CTM"; Chisel needs this) v1.12.2-
    • Custom NPCs v1.12.2-(01Oct19)
    • Just Enough Items ("JEI") v1.12.2-
    • LLibrary v1.7.19-1.12.2
    • More Player Models v1.12.2-(05Dec19)
    • MysticalLib (Blockcraftery needs this) v1.12.2-1.6.0
    • Random Patches v1.12.2-
    • Techguns 2 v2.0.2.0_pre3.1

    Plugin list:

    • EssentialsX
    • Savage Factions (another main focus of server)
    • Vault
    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard

    Configuration files for mods and plugins are available upon request.

    Thanks for any help the Aternos admins/community can provide!

    Thanks, --Catz.

    Dear Aternos Team,

    I search things about that I can't find what I want. Somebody maybe ask "Why are you want it?" I want it because in Skript plugin. If you want to use this you must delete "--" this things in file names. It's Important to use Skript plugin. You can do everything with it. Example: adding tea, coffe or hamburger things or just use it to coding games. I hope I explained myself well. Thanks for everything.

    (Note: I'm not English so, maybe I wrote something wrong.)

    No sweat, I'm sure we can figure out what you're saying! Hopefully the Aternos team does add a rename button for your plugin needs. (Though I probably won't be using it)