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    FYI: My support for this modpack is discontinued for two reasons:
    * The modpack no longer provides for a vanilla LOTRmod client.
    * The modpack owner has added a submod to the WOTRMC clientside modpack that does not have the formal approval for submodding by the LOTRmod author.

    So, even though the server pack hasn't changed and allows for a vanilla LOTRmod server installation, I consider it both impractical and inappropriate to continue this Aternos user service.

    This thread may therefore be considered obsolete and it can be closed.

    There are more parameters in that file that can prove very useful to improve server performance and/or player experience. Issue is that any parameter made customisable via the Options menu will have to have a restricted range to ensure server owners will not accidentally (or deliberately) cause server performance to worsen and Aternos load to increase. So, yes, I support this request, but also understand it will require range restrictions for each customisable parameter.

    Hey Roman,
    Thanks. That will certainly help for those servers.
    But I am certain this is not just an issue for servers using a modpack with the LOTRmod like WOTRMC and LotRCircles, but also helpful for servers using modpacks with many world generation affecting mods adding ores, structures and flora and fauna. So why not make this an option for server users to use?

    Here's a bump to stress the relevance of being able to reduce view-distance for heavily modded servers.

    We now got some more experience with the WOTRMC modpack, where the LOTRmod determines server load per player. We can conclude that the number of slots we can use is so severely restricted that we can harldy play with 4 players on. Even with only 2 players on and both in a forested biome, we find the server performance is way below acceptable level, simply due to the fact that Aternos server have a default generation/loading depth of 10 chunks per player.
    See this update in the WOTRMC & LOTRmod support thread.

    So, please, please Aternos, add the support for us to reduce view-distance!

    It really shouldn't be that much work as it concerns a copy-paste coding job in the server options section and the consequences for Aternos are simply that performance for heavily modded servers can be increased by their owners and more people will be able to enjoy them.

    Added info to second post on server options: slots + view-distance.

    We now recommend to reduce the number of slots to 4 and encourage players to band together. Even only two players on a server, both exploring in heavily forested biomes, can lead to highly unacceptable server lag due to the high performance requirements per generated chunk for the LOTRmod.

    As earlier announced in this post in our support thread, and in the Discord #support channel on January 23rd and on several occasions since, we have updated the server modpack for WOTRMC. Apparently this has not been automagically noted so the pack is still not updated. While just bringing this to the attention again in Discord, and notifying we created a new client pack version for Aternos to just notify the update, moderators now stressed that I needed to create a forum thread in order to notify Aternos staff or risk it not being noticed at all and the server pack update not being followed through by Aternos.

    So, could you guys please update the Aternos supported server pack for WOTRMC?

    The client WOTRMC modpack has recently (last week) been expanded to include more mods supported by the official WOTRMC server. The original modpack version was downgraded a bit and next to that, a new 'heavy' modpack version was created, including many of the clientside mods. The changes have not been communicated in the above posts yet.

    We have not yet adjusted the server modpack as adding more mods to the server modpack will imply that the Aternos servers will have a tougher nut to crack running this modpack. After thinking through of various aspects of this modpack for Aternos servers, we have come to the conclusion we will reduce the amount of mods included in the server modpack to only a bare minimum needed to set up a LOTRmodded server. The aim of the WOTRMC server modpack is to support Aternos users in their ability to experience the LOTRmod as best as possible given the limitations of the free Aternos servers. Anyone interested in adding more mods, like the ones installed on the oficial WOTRMC server, can do so at their own expense, but not at the expense of Aternos server capabilities.


    • The new server pack, as of January 23rd 2020, contains fewer world generation affecting mods than the old version. Any world created with the old version cannot be run using the new server pack!
    • Bear in mind that the client packs contains much more mods than the server pack. This both relates to world generation and available items. Any world files or structures created with the client pack are likely not transferrable to worlds created with the new server pack!

    As soon as changes in serverpack have been followed through, we will inform Aternos staff to update the pack and we will adjust the texts in the above posts accordingly.

    A new server pack was created and the first two posts have been updated accordingly. An announcement about the change will be posted below as soon as the link to the new server pack is added to the Technic page and after Aternos updated their WOTRMC server pack version.


    New server pack version is now available at the modpack's Technic page. Aternos staff was informed on January 23rd in Discord #support. Anticipated Aternos server pack update is within a few business days to a week.

    Lol. Unlike what you guys may have gotten used to, I'm not one of those many people begging for more. I'm asking for an option to lower view-distance. As explained in our Discord convo yesterday, this can have relevant benefits to Aternos as well, as it may lower the treshold for new modded servers to launch. People with experience with heavy duty modpacks are quite used to knowing that they can't have it all and they have to sacrifice view-distance (server side limited render distance) for the sake of acceptable server performance.