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    It certainly doesn't seem like 10k downloads is the treshold, as this modpack already has over 25k.

    That being said, it would be nice if it was possible to add it, on account of it being a sequel to an already well-established modpack.
    If not, any sort of extra detail of what this version of the modpack would need to achieve, before it's considered popular enough, would be greatly appreciated.

    Fairly recently, a "sequel modpack" came out, Life in the Village 3. Aternos already has all the previous versions of said modpack, but sadly the automated system rejects this one, as "not popular enough", due to it being a fairly recent addition to the CurseForge library.
    If it doesn't make for enough of a case to perhaps constitute an exception, then I've tried my best :)…cks/life-in-the-village-3

    On a similar topic, is there any particular treshold to watch out for, in terms of a modpack's popularity? Any concrete numbers that we might just have to wait for, before a modpack gets considered valid?

    Modpacks aren't really supposed to be edited, that defeats the concept of modpacks

    True, but mods like apotheosis have special configs that modify the game in great amount. In this example, it would be a huge help for me to be able to use the spawner module, which I can do on a singleplayer world, as I have access to my config file, but I cannot do on the server, which feels like an oversight on the side of the aternos file browser.

    Granted, if there is nothing that can be done, well, not like I can do anything about it anyways, it's just a big bummer that this limitation does exist when it doesn't need to ;)

    Using a modpack "Life in The Village 2", the config folder (which should contain the config files for Apotheosis mod) is not present. Moreover, I'm not even allowed to create such a folder, to fix the issue on my own. The same folder does get created when I install the same modpack from CurseForge on clientside, so it should be included in the modpack as a whole, especially given that it is a server-side mod.

    I'd like to ask if there's any way to access these settings, as features of the mod I'm greatly interested in seem to be turned off by default, with no way for me to actually turn them on.

    Any particular idea for a fix? Is it possible to resolve it while keeping Thaumcraft?
    The confusion stems from it that my version works perfectly, while my friend's just crashes on launch. Not sure what is the differing factor there, especially since we downloaded all files from the same site

    Me and my friend tried to make a server with mods, added Thaumcraft and Mo'Creatures with required dependencies for both. Despite our process being identical, installing the mods on our clients, my version runs properly, and hers gives an error message.

    This is the first time we got at least one of our sides to work, after a sea of errors, invalid versions, having to change said versions, etc., and I'm not sure if anything can be done about it. I tried googling serveral of the error messages, to no avail. If there's any solution to this, I'd greatly appreciate the help.