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    I've experienced the same thing, its unbearable tbh I cant play like this, I tried fabric lithium and phosphor, 10-14 tps, papermc, 6-10 tps, spigot doesn't even give any reply to /tps so I assume its 0 tps, all of this on a fresh world with no plugins at all nor any datapacks

    for me it has been happening for a few months actually

    tbh I just bought a pi4b+ (not advertising anything here) and it ran much better even on vanilla so I assume aternos is having hardware issues maybe???

    I did not mean I dont use aternos, I cant just keep buying raspberry pis, when will the aternos lag issues be solved?

    I have 5 servers all run on aternos and the pi I bought was for another project but I wanted to test mc on it anyway

    38 mods are too much? I tried deleting some mods, but it just crashes when opening, it doesnt even crash in a specific spot, it just crashes in random spots, so I cant tell what mod causes the crash.

    i have 40+ mods on my server, it runs just fine at a casual 18 tps usually, but to achieve that you need to optimize your server, like lower spawn rates, mobcap, add anti lag mods (such as foamfix, betterfps, surge, etc..) and if that doesnt fix it it is most definitely a corrupted mod, try removing mod by mod until it starts, (dont remove the anti lag ones) and when it starts just add the mods that didnt crash it back

    backup first, i recommend atleast 2 backups

    You can just tell him to remove any mods that isn't cause huge impact to the server

    so your saying he should remove double slabs? that shouldnt cause any lag in any way, as it doesnt take up much cpu/ram to load, the biomes o plenty obviously cant be removed for obvious reasons

    he could still remove double slabs but i doubt that it will cause the lag to go away

    alex, sodium was denied by aternos, also it for the 1.13+ versions rendering it useless anyway, optifine also is very much useless towards the server, anyway

    actual proper mods for the server: foamfix, texfix, surge, betterfps mods all help a ton, i run a super modded server with some of the heaviest mods out there with no problem

    if this didnt help then please give us the full server mod list, also BACKUP before adding these mods

    Remove mods

    that will fully corrupt his world, (he runs biomes o plenty which when removed will delete every single biomes o plenty chunk).

    anyway, what you can do is basically install the lithium and phosfor (forge version) on your server, these do help quite a lot, but they are def not enough, also just make sure that lithium is compatible with biomes o plenty since lithium is related to world gen so that could cause problems if you didnt check for compatibility, anyway you should lower the render distance of your server, and you should also add a mod to limit mob spawning, as that will help, i hope i helped you enough for the server to be less laggy.

    MAKE SURE THAT YOU BACKUP BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THAT! its really important to backup

    you can safely remove the following mods from the server:


    journey map

    they wont affect your client you will still have the minimap and the JEI list

    removing them could fix alot of lag

    you should add the following mods to the server:




    i have an even heavier modpack running on my server and it runs just fine (relatively slow chunk loading but its good enough) the reason it runs fine is because of the better tps


    does the command generally work? like if you typed /locate village in the overworld does it give you some village coords? if not try to find a village manually and after loading its chunks run the locate village command again, if it still doesnt show you the coords of a village then idk


    also make sure you are running the command ingame and not from the console

    so you should start your server after adding the plugin, then close it and go to the "files" tab then go to the "plugins" folder in that tab, if you do not see a "plugins" folder you should make sure that you have downloaded the plugin and started the server once after adding the plugin, after you go into the plugins folder navigate into the "discordsrv" folder, after that go into the "config.yml", then you should see a bunch of text, yes it looks weird and confusing but trust me this couldnt be easier, try to find the "BotToken" line and paste the bot token after you deleted what was between the quotes "", then paste in between the quotes the EXACT bot token and MAKE SURE its the EXACT same token, now head to discord and go into developer mode through the user settings (bottom left corner cog) under the "appearance" tab, after you went into developer mode exit the user settings and right click the channel that you want your ingame chat to be in and you should see a new "copy ID" option, click that, now you should have the id of that channel, then now go back to the config.yml in aternos and try and find the "Channels" line, infront of "global": you should see some text between two quotes, delete the text in between the quotes without touching the quotes, then paste the id between the quotes, and then make sure that you did all of that correctly and that the bot that you made is in the discord server with the channel you copied it's id, and save the changes and then turn on the server, if it all went correctly you should see the bot go online with the server and log into that server the ingame chat and the server status.

    NOTE: you must be admin on the discord server.

    other note: the status of that discord channel will be replaced with "players online number of online players/number of player limit and some server info".

    and you can now safely turn off developer mode in discord.



    Note for you, ombab, it can't have worked for you since you can't change anything about a modpack on Aternos

    who said i use aternos for my modpacks? i thought aternos gave the ability to change configs tho as its pretty obvious but apparently not

    i read the end of the log too?!