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  • Jamessss

  • yooo u have added whilelist so can u add me to the whitelist?

    Name: Joebiden187


  • hi

  • WTzkztkb

  • hi

  • james im srry bro

    • sorry for what? i already forgot lol also wanna join my server?

    • Uhh ok and sorry when I screamed at you and you logged out

    • i don't remenber that also now i'm trying to turn on the pvp on my server so maybe i gonna start testing on your server

    • ok cool and also do you know how to fix this problem

    • also what launcher do u use

  • hello

    i wanna join ur terraria server

    • hold on what is terraria i don't play that game for the last months also i losed my save and how did you found my account if the thread got deleted?

    • i got deleted but i saw it but when opened it did not show anything but it was about terraria server

  • i think i know smt less just pretend we dont care what he does he'll prob get pissed

  • lol you think im stupid

    • zombie never had the ip ik its you

    • plus zombie knows who you are idiot

    • wut?

    • i aint tupid

    • bro I haven't talked to him in months I don't even know what he's doing the last thing he said to me was... it was uhh shit I forgot but he said something about minecraft servers also i don't remenber a lot of him anymore its like he is not even real anymore like he is gone

  • Sup dude

    • wazzup?

      wazzup = whats up

    • ik lol

    • hey bro sorry i was sick for very long sorry i dissapeared

    • mudlks also was dissapeared then he joined my server and he said for me to tell you to open the server but i can start the server so we joined the server and played there but he got glitched and left

    • also if you want you can join on my server

  • can you hop on foxys smp?

  • Yo you ther?

  • hey james guess what i think i know why my game crashes its because i use 1.12.2 on my phone and theres to many things with 1.16 or 1.17 and 1.12.2 cant handel it lol does that make sense? I dont really know

    • ima make a 1.12.2 server we can prob play there k if u wanna

    • ok

    • Also can i gets full access to your server ill give ypu full to

    • to what?

      also i trust my friends but give full access nah at least you need to be my friend for 3 years then i really trust you

    • first rule on internet : TRUST NOBODY

      NOBODY but you can trust old friends

  • Hey bro

    • what? i'm talking with someone of brazil and making a texture i'm busy

    • actually the texture is 50% done and i'm not talking with the guy anymore

    • also you vanished for like a week what happend i played alone all this time on foxy server

    • srry you see i cant use my tab unless im at my pops im on my phone rn but the launcher i use crashed cause of my space so you not see me the week after the week thats coming rn and i get 3 days to play so yeah

    • ill see if i can fix it but ill be typing slow lol

  • james youll never belive this i got a friend request from clownpierce!!

  • hi james

  • hi james!! Its me

  • ello james

  • james join the server fast!!!!

  • James srry dude i just get pissed of when my gf gets bullied.See Ya tomorrow

    • i, want, to, DIEEEEE.

    • pls dont say that i promise she wont say those things again

  • hey james im srry i acted that way i was being a di**

    Im srry dude im just an idiot

  • hello

  • hey join

    • ok let me just do some things first

    • hello again

    • hey

    • WHAT?

    • lol join