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  • James there are two people Hacking on ur server named obson and unbellea

  • if you have op on foxy server give me op to i need kill mudlks


    • and i'm hacking for make him angry

  • Wolfe can i make a minigame at your Server? and can you post the IP because the server is kinda dead i mean it is dead

    • ok but whyd you reset it?!?!

    • also join the foxy smp i made a texture pack

    • welp actually i downloaded it 🤣🤣

      Haha 1
    • i reseted it but i have the copy of the world so is fine and the texture pack is my texture?

    • the idea of the mini game is : a little war

      30 minutes to prepare the gear and defenses

      rule 1 : no netherite

      rule 2 : no obsidian and no bedrock

      rule 3 : no pearls

      rule 4 : 64 tnt is the max

      rule 5 : no enchants (only for the defenders if the others manage to get a enchantment table they have enchants)

      rule 6 : no god apples and the limit of normal golden apples are 32

      rule 7 : steak is the only food

      rule 8 : no nether and the end

      Minecraft Wars a simple minigame with only 8 rules

  • hey bro the old sun god said he wanna kick your ass out of reality = murder you