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  • Are you alive?

  • i figured out how to download immersive portals but now i have a problem it reads

    Internal Exception: oi.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.io.IOException: Packet 0/57 (vl) was larger than i expected. found 4 bytes extra whilst reading packet 57

    can anyone help me with this error

  • Hallo Drachionix, ich habe mir die Shrines Structures mod von CurseForge auf den Server installiert (1.18.1) das hat auch geklappt. Diese Version benötigt allerdings zusätzlich die Dynamic Registries mod. Diese ist ebenfalls auf CurseForge verfügbar, allerdings auf Aternos nicht zu finden. Vorschlagen kann ich diese mod auch nicht, da sie scheinbar noch nicht genug downloads hat. Ist es möglich diese Mod trotzdem irgend wie vor zu schlagen oder einzubringen. Shrines Structures startet sonst den Server nicht mit der Begründung.
    [04Mar2022 12:02:39.866] [main/ERROR] [net.minecraftforge.fml.loading.ModSorter/LOADING]: Missing mandatory dependencies: dynamicregistries
    Könnten Sie mir bitte bei diesem Problem helfen.

  • Hi sir! Can you add the plugin called "EcoEnchants"? we had it before but now theres only the GUI, i really need this plugin for custom enchants and my smp.

  • can you please check this RE: craftspeed

  • Bonjour,chaque plugins que j’installe devien rouge:jai changée a version,jai régé les erreur etc... mais rie a ny faire pouvez vous remedier a cela car c’est en urgence au moin avant vendredi.bonne journée.

  • I can't suggest the Crazy Enchantments Plugin, it says

    "This plugin/mod can only be downloaded via an external website."

    can you please add this please. tnx in advance :)

    link of Crazy Enchantments: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/crazy-enchantments.16470/

  • Hi, I need help, this is about the Twilight Forest mod.

    In general, I have it installed on version 1.12.2.

    The server is working, everything is in order, there are no failures, but as soon as I create a portal in Twilight Forest, I find myself in a void, trying to register the kill command, but nothing happens. So I'm stuck, can you help me with solving this problem?

    Maybe even on Discord if it's easy for you.

  • Hey I have an issue with my server, I just accidentally messed everything up and I cant revert back to an other backup because i dont have a recent one. Thing is my automatic backup is on and I thought that would just be saving everything for me. Is there any way i can restore the previous save from when i was last on?

  • bro

    i am testing if my server can hold 100 people or not

    please join ip is "pranish_3.aternos.me"

    add others too

  • hacker see this thread

  • Hello, I would have a Chilean mod in Madrid, I looked for one and I loved it, but I was not here to ask them https://www.curseforge.com/min…/mc-mods/huasocraft/files

    It has things like a Chilean chocolate (super8) it has huasos (Chileans from the countryside or Chileans in the 18/09 international day of Chile) it has a huaso poncho, the bag of (dylantero) youtuber, saltpeter, new armor and new Ore

    I would appreciate it if you add it🙏

  • I don't know if roman has told you yet but i'm making a aternos mod, you were the first to get added!

    Aternos mod update log

  • could you help me I get this error
    [principal / ERROR] [FML]: parece que a FML le faltan datos de firma. Esto no es una buena cosa

  • hi sir

    iwant to solve this problem

    the web ask me to disable adblock and i dont have any adblocks or any applications block ads

    my problem cod is #97

    pleaaaaaasssse help me

  • Hey,Aternos i have a problem,i have a server named Ljeto2020,and i lost my google account and with him aternos server,can be possible you can give it to me back please i have invested a lot in that server and would like it back

  • I Need help regarding my account access, i cannot log in my account with my username, i forgot my email even though i have tried each and every single one, i remember my password and i have my username but im struggling to remember my e-mail, My username is PHENIXITO if you could provide help and tell me what is my email so i can recover my account please let me know, Thank you

  • Wenn ihr Hilfe braucht erstellt bitte einen Thread anstatt auf irgendwelche Pinnwände zu kommentieren. Hier antwortet euch keiner ;)

    If you need Help please create a Thread instead of commenting random Walls. Nobody will answer you here.

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  • So it's been happening for a day so far and i haven't been able to get on. i mean I have been able to get on but as the chunks load for 10 seconds or so the server crashes and shows this message "Internal Exception : java.lang,StackOverflowError" I don't know how to fix it and I've been trying to search it up on the page but haven't seen much about it.

  • hellu

  • Thank You Drachionix for all of your hard work!!! :) :D

  • Congrats for being engineer :D

  • Hi